Nova Systems showcases fastest Webshop Server
and NVDIMM accelerated Storage-Tiering at ISC 2016

NovaRAM NVDIMMs increases system’s performance up to three millionen IOPS


Geseke, June 16th, 2016

Nova Systems, an established system integrator out of German’s technology region Paderborn showcases at ISC 2016 in Frankfurt its newest, IOPS optimized webshop server, realizing a performance of about three million IOPS and a latency down to five nanoseconds. Based on State-of-the-Art NVDIMMs, directly support by the webshop application these high performance values are reached. The non-volatile DIMMs branded with “NovaRAM” by Nova Systems offering a 6-7 times higher performance versus comparable SSD solutions and a 1000 times better latency.

Shop applications are requesting mostly a very high productivity. On one side webshops need to be online any time which underlines the need of a high availability environment as well as on the other side needed high speed transaction phase outs and a lowest possible latency. Nova Systems consequently setup their webshop server using the low latency benefit of non-volatile memory and showcases at ISC 2016 one of the worldwide fastest webshop server with about three million IOPS at a low latency of five nanoseconds.

IOPS-intensive applications requesting beside low latency and high performance also an intelligent and efficient storage management for attached memory classes. Storage tiering in combination with NovaRAM NVDIMMs offering additional benefits, because of using fastest NVDIMMs as “tier 1”, following fast SSDs as “tier 2”, and proven mass storage HDDs as “tier 3”. NovaS storage server equipped with NovaRAM NVDIMMs as tailor-made solution based are combining all technology benefits to customers satisfaction.

“NovaRAM” memory solutions are based on State-of-the-Art industrial standards and are certified not only for JEDEC standard DDR3/DDR4. NovaRAM DIMMs with up to three million IOPS and down to five nanosecond latency are available as accelerating components within BTO Nova Systems’ servers and storages. Rounded off the product portfolio of Nova Systems within the memory line is completed by proven and high reliable memory products by Viking Technology – also available in mSATA and M.2 form factor as well as 2.5” SSDs for industrial applications. 

“It is important for us listening to our customers for creating and offering the best product category to them“, said Heiko Lueders, Managing Director at Nova Systems. „IOPS-intensive solutions like database application, or transaction-hungry systems like webshop server, will be equipped and configured from our side always with matching components and built into customer’s environment in the best manner – even high available if requested.” 

Nova Systems as system integrator offers the whole product range of professional server and storage systems. Especially at ISC 2016 solutions for high available IT environments, based in high performing centralized shared storage systems are focussed. For small workgroups and small science teams compact and optimized VDI-solutions (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) are shown. Rounded off highly scalable LTO tape library systems for backup and archiving are presented to the audience.

At “ISC High Performance Conference 2016“ in Frankfurt from June, 19th to Wednesday, 23rd Nova Systems showcases latest solutions in partnership with Viking Technology at booth 1042 in the exhibition area.

More information are available at Nova Systems’s website:


About Nova Systems:
A group of individuals from engineering, science, and technology merged to a team incorporated in the Nova Systems GmbH. In 2013 they established themselves in the technology region of Paderborn and extended their activities using strategically partnerships. Designated professionals in the IT industry with more than 25 years of experience in technology and sales develop, design and produce systems and solutions for professional IT environments and industrial applications. Drawing back on long-term partnerships with market leaders in the field of IT, systems are turned into solutions. With the brand name "Nova" professional end users, government agencies, users from research and teaching, and specialized trade, industry and system houses are addressed, that need a reliable, powerful and cost-effective platform for their customer applications. The product portfolio of Nova Systems is completed by high quality components for retrofitting existing systems as well as the necessary service options for fast component replacement in advance or on-site.